Guest Editors @ The Registrar

“When I think back all those years when I was on a psychiatric ward feeling very unwell – very very unwell, very scared, very angry, very misunderstood – and here I am now having a very frank and honest conversation with a consultant psychiatrist. I’ve come a long way in terms of my own personal development and that in itself is very healing”

Seth Hunter in conversation with Dr Khaldoon Ahmed, The Registrar Summer 2016.

DC programme

We were delighted to be the guest editors of the Summer 2016 edition of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ trainee journal The Registrar.

To celebrate the publication, we returned to The Dragon Cafe for a dialogical event chaired by Dr Khaldoon Ahmed.

The panel included Dr Lucy Potter, editor of The Registrar, Seth Hunter, former Project Manager of The Dragon Café and Dr Louise Murphy, Trainee Psychiatrist.