Shifting Perspectives @ The Dragon Cafe

Following a special performance of Hearing Things at Ortus, we invited Playing ON Theatre Company as guest curators for March where they explored how their creative methodology translates from the wards of Homerton University Hospital and the Maudsley Hospital to The Dragon Café.

Across four evening workshops and four evening performances, participants engaged with the key aspects of the Playing ON process and their active theatre techniques. Combining professional theatre and socially engaged practice, the project questioned what theatre can teach us about the roles we play, the people we are and how we relate to each other.

“…if you’re an outside eye… looking in and asking who’s anxious and who’s stressed and who’s mad, you would have chosen the staff – not the patients…”

 Jim Pope, Artistic Director of Playing ON, speaking to London Live and BBC Radio London about workshop delivery at Maudsley Hospital.