Reconnect with RE:CREATE Psychiatry

RE:CREATE Psychiatry online Monthly Meetup group launch: Monday 20th April, 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis we’ll be hosting our Monthly Meetup group, which usually takes place at our sister project The Dragon Cafe in South London, online via Zoom.

These Meetups are a space to connect, to share experiences, and to co-produce creative projects exploring current issues in mental health. Whether you use mental health services, work in mental health services, or both, you’re welcome to join the discussion.

If you’d like to take part, please register online here. Once registered you’ll receive an email from, the group’s facilitator, with an access link, password, and instructions for joining.

To keep our spaces feeling safe and friendly for all, we kindly ask you to observe our community guidelines.

RE:CREATE Psychiatry Community Guidelines:

Respect and kindness:

Every group member deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. We ask that group members speak one at a time, listen to what’s shared and welcome a diversity of views, experiences and ideas.


Please help us to ensure the group is a confidential space by finding a quiet place in your home to Zoom, and/or by wearing headphones. Please do not share any personal details relating to a group member/s outside of the group.


It’s important to remain mindful that some group members have more power, and some have less. Our work aims to narrow divides, and to make space for people to connect as humans. We encourage group members to share from direct experience, regardless of role, and to reflect rather than teach. We’re all experts.

Looking after yourself and others:

Self-care is very important within the group, and it’s OK to take a break from the conversation or to leave early if you need to. We ask that group members avoid sharing details that might be distressing to others, e.g. graphic details about abuse, self-harm or suicide attempts or methods. If you’re in doubt about what would be OK to share, please ask the group. And if something happens within the group that concerns or distresses you, we encourage you to raise this within the group and/or afterwards with the facilitator.

Further support:

While there is a peer supportive element to all of our work, our online spaces differ from peer support groups. If you feel you’d benefit from attending a peer support group, or from therapeutic support, our facilitator can help you to find services in your area.