We are pleased to share the news that Mental Fight Club has been commissioned to develop and produce a new piece of work for Bethlem Gallery engaging with the research initiative Mental Health and Justice led by King’s College London.

“Insight is a term which is commonly used in clinical practice and conversation. If a person expresses their distress in the language of mental illness and symptoms, they will often be described as “having insight”, whereas a person who does not may be described as “lacking insight” or “having impaired insight”.

As the Mental Health and Justice website states: “Where insight is present, there is a common basis for the clinical encounter from the outset.  Where insight is lacking this common ground is diminished.  Coercion and treatment non-compliance become more likely.”

We are seeking to explore a diversity of understandings and interpretations of insight among people in hospital and their clinical teams, the relationship between insight and mental capacity and how we can best understand and respond to experiences of distress and “illness”.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 we will be recording conversations across several units at Bethlem Royal Hospital, and other hospital sites, engaging with these ideas.

From these conversations we will produce and edit an audio piece which will be shared with people in hospital, staff, carers and members of the public across a series of live listening and discussion events.

The learning produced by these activities will be shared with the Mental Health and Justice team, informing the future of mental health policy in the UK.”

To find out more about the project, or to take part, you can get in touch on