In/Sight – arts and research project @ Bethlem Gallery

We have been commissioned to develop and produce a new artwork for the Bethlem Gallery engaging with Workstream 4 of the research initiative Mental Health and Justice led by King’s College London.

Workstream 4 examines the concept of Insight, a term which is commonly used in clinical practice and conversation. If a person expresses their distress in the language of mental illness and symptoms they will often be described as “having insight”, whereas a person who does not may be described as “lacking insight” or having “impaired insight”.

As the Mental Health and Justice website states: “Where insight is present, there is a common basis for the clinical encounter from the outset.  Where insight is lacking this common ground is diminished.  Coercion and treatment non-compliance become more likely.”

Throughout 2019 and 2020 Eve will be working across a number of units at Bethlem Royal Hospital, facilitating conversations with patients and clinical teams exploring the concept of insight and its implications. The project will result in an audio piece for the Bethlem Gallery, which we will also share online.

For more information please contact Eve Mundy on