Mental Capacity: Improving Decision Making webinar launch

Last Monday we hosted a workshop with Sophie Stammers, a researcher in philosophy from the University of Birmingham, at The Dragon Cafe to explore how biases and assumptions might affect judgements of mental capacity in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act, and inform a briefing note for policymakers.

Sophie, Professor Lisa Bortolotti and their team would like to extend a warm invitation to everyone involved in the project, and to all with an interest in mental capacity legislation and human rights, to the briefing note launch webinar and online discussion Mental Capacity: Improving Decision Making on Thursday 26th March from 12pm – 1pm.

The live stream is being supported by Mental Elf, a web resource with the latest evidence-based research and practice in mental health. You can watch it for free at and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #MentalCapacity2020.

You can also add your comments to the Mental Elf blog written by Alex Ruck Keene, a barrister, writer and educator specialising in mental capacity and mental health law, at

These links will go live on Thursday 26th March.

Sophie, Lisa and the team will look forward to hearing from you.