Living with Suicide Creative Workshop @ Walworth Living Room

One in five people experience suicidal thoughts in their lifetime, and one in fifteen take actions to end their life.

Even though suicidal thoughts and attempts are common they’re often difficult to talk about, and it’s rare that people are asked about their experiences of living with these thoughts, feelings and acts in their day-to-day lives.

To continue the work of our new Wellcome Trust funded arts and health programme Create, Relate, Integrate, we’re collaborating with a researcher and trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of East London, to hold spaces for people to explore experiences of living with suicidal feelings, thoughts and acts, and to reflect on what it’s like to hear other people’s stories.

Throughout this project we’ll be making a collective creative resource that can be shared with others, including mental healthcare teams across the country, as well as inform teaching and learning.

On Friday 31st January we’ll be hosting a small gathering of people with lived experience from 2-4pm at Walworth Living Room in Southwark to explore Cheryl’s ongoing research, reflect on some of the stories she has heard so far and share experiences.

This workshop will be held by facilitators with lived experience, and we’ll be co-producing a group agreement at the beginning to ensure everyone feels safe taking part.

All contributions to the discussions, and creative resource, will be treated anonymously.

For more information, and to register, please email