Let Your Voice be Heard

Let Your Voice be Heard – that’s how well you bounce.

A RE:CREATE Psychiatry multi-site dialogue to accompany Bethlem Gallery’s autumn exhibition: ‘It’s How Well You Bounce’

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This autumn, to accompany It’s How Well You Bounce, the RE:CREATE Psychiatry dialogic approach will be applied to creating a platform which connects unheard and marginalised voices in mental health services to a wider community of minds.

Through the unifying medium of ShrinkRadio, facilitated discussions, responses, thoughts, and conversational snippets will be recorded at SLaM clinical spaces, The Bethlem Gallery and The Dragon Café, then, bounced back and forth from clinical to community setting.

In so creating a way to connect populations who are otherwise unable to converse – service users on the wards and service users in the community, patients and clinical staff – we investigate a new approach to addressing the isolation which, rife within mental health systems, detrimentally impacts both those in services and those providing services. An approach which charts the bounds of a new geographical resilience.

Ways to let your voice be heard

At SLaM’s Bethlem Royal Hospital:

Visit the Bethlem Gallery; listen to the RE:CREATE Psychiatry sound recordings; press record and add your thoughts to the growing installation.

Bethlem Gallery’s Its How Well You Bounce exhibition runs from 2nd September to 28th October. The gallery is open 10am – 5pm, Wednesday – Friday, including first and last Saturdays of the month. Directions available here.

At The Dragon Café:

Throughout the month of October, visit The Dragon Café; listen to the voices from the Bethlem Royal Hospital; discuss; debate; reflect, and record your thoughts.

The Dragon Café is open every Monday from 12pm to 8.30pm. Directions available here.

Connectedness Grows Organically …

Conversation “bounce-backs” between the Royal Bethlem Hospital campus and The Dragon Café will be supported by a series of Let Your Voice Be Heard workshops and evening events at The Dragon Café every Monday in October.

To find out about the Let Your Voice Be Heard event series, please sign up to the RE:CREATE Psychiatry newsletter.

The Let Your Voice Be Heard project, funded by London Catalyst and the Hospital Saturday Fund, forms part of a wider on-going RE:CREATE Psychiatry study of the impact traditionally fixed roles have on the wellbeing of both service-user and mental health professional.

RE:CREATE Psychiatry and The Dragon Café are proud to share the conversational space of the Bethlem Gallery with the following artists:

Jan Arden, Liz Atkin, Barrington, Sarah Carpenter, Corali Dance Company in collaboration with Hydar Dewachi, David Gilbert & Lila Palmer & Rose M. Hall, Sara Haq, Matthew, Esther Maxwell-Orumbie, John Mc, Sue Morgan, Mr X, Max Reeves, Grayson Perry, Roy, Sara Shamsavari, Maureen Scott, Martin Wade, Peter White, the vacuum cleaner and Xavier White.

*Seth Hunter, “Wards, Beds and Meds: Recovering in spite of it all – the inpatient experience”, a RE:CREATE Psychiatry’s presentation at the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s International Congress, 2017.

with thanks to Bethlem Gallery, London Catalyst, and the Hospital Saturday Fund.