Introducing RE:CREATE Psychiatry 

The UK mental healthcare system is deemed by many to be failing its users, and lauded by many more as one of the best in the world. As a community of people who have journeyed through mental ill-health and well-being, we at Mental Fight Club have contemplated standards of care both abysmal and outstanding. Now, we want to instigate new thinking stemming from our collective experiences. Thinking about how mental health services can be made to be more healing, more human, and more creative for everyone – for those who use the services and for those who work in them. We call this new endeavour RE:CREATE Psychiatry.

As a first step, we are carving out safe, creative spaces for both service users and professionals to share their reflections – and listen to others – about the current system’s virtues and frailties. Through podcasts, discussion groups, creative dialogue workshops and public events, through genuine, open-hearted and constructive dialogue, we are piecing together a collective, multi-perspectival understanding of how services can become more human for everyone involved.

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Stemming from the learning of our flagship creative project The Dragon Café RE:CREATE Psychiatry emerged as the logical development of the Young Doctor Dialogues – a two-year-long series of panel discussions where the often contentious and divisive debate between psychiatrist and service-user was allowed to happen in a way productive for both parties.

We envisage RE:CREATE Psychiatry as an exploratory platform to enable medical and psychiatric professionals of all levels to better understand and collaborate with people who have lived experience of mental ill-health, and for service-users to in turn better understand medical professionals. We intend for these dialogues to strengthen an ethos of “doing with” rather than “doing to” and ultimately allow both service-users and healthcare providers to respond to current challenges within the mental health service model.

Our aim is to Re:CREATE Psychiatry, and our goal is to lead towards a future healthcare model that is nurturing and service-user focused.